Friday, January 15, 2010

Shopping in France

I am starting to get the hang of this kind of life... I bought a shopping cart that I can pull home from the store... now the trick is only buying what fits in there so I don't also have bags to carry alongside... more trips but less weight per trip. It goes so against my Costco/stock up shopping mind that I have trained myself for. Luckily the store are not far... all within one Kilometer I think. That between half and three quarters of a mile. I have not been real creative with my cooking yet, just eating the basics, but I might try a quiche this weekend. Maybe I should get the Julie Childs cookbook and work through it like in the Julie and Julia move... NO... that would never work at this pace of life we are living. But I would like a french cookbook... it would call for things that I can actually find in the stores.


ATSmith said...

Wow ... talk about culture shock. I too am so accustomed to stocking up/only going to the store 1x/wk. Dig the new shopping bag/cart!

Anonymous said...

Dad bought me a French cookbook a couple of years ago. I will try to send it to you. I am loving reading your thoughts and experiences, Heidibelle, even the struggles. Then we know EXACTLY how to pray. We love you so much!

Christine H. said...

Yeah, probably not good to cook through that cookbook, esp. at your stage in life. I love the shopping cart. You could buy 2 and have Drew walk with one (or 3 and have Joe push one, too!) : )