Saturday, December 18, 2010


We have arrived in Bamako. The journey was long. We changed planes once and then had another layover where you stay on the plane. Overall it went very well. This adventure seems surreal but also so completely normal. I'm not sure what to think. On one hand I have been here before, but on the other hand this is all new. I have never moved my family to Mali. When Jeff and I lived here together is was just the two of us and we had little to consider. I anticipate a lot of hard work, but today I feel ready for this new adventure.

Things that are fun...
The Maliens are awesome
There is so much to learn and discover
No winter coats
So many decisions to make

Things that are hard...
The Heat
Malaria Meds (the kids are getting better at swallowing pills)
Mosquito bites (Drew is covered)
We are not at home yet
So many decisions to make

The pros and cons overlap a lot at this point... but it is going well and we are ready to get 'home' and get settled for Christmas.