Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love to France...

Care packages are fun and people have asked what we would like here if they wanted to send something. So I thought I would write out a few things. Some would fit in an envelope with a letter, others would be in a box.

Tacco Seasoning... (yes we miss taccos)
Chap stick
Thank You notes (very hard to find here)
Peanut butter
Fishy crackers or animal crackers
Kids vitamins
Note pads

We are getting more used to what we can find here and how to make it work. I love a granola I found for breakfast with vanilla yogurt on it. We eat sandwiches for lunch almost every day. (Jeff picks up a baguette on his way home with the kids.) And dinenrs have been random. Quiche, frozen pizza, lentil soup, grilled cheese, rice and sauce. Meat is very expensive here and frozen dinners are cheap. So we are using the more 'unhealthy' frozen dinners most school nights so I don't have to put much brain power or time into cooking after studying all day.


Shari said...

I will try to put something together for you soon. I remember how important it was to get care packages or letters from home when we lived together in Mali.

We love you!

frisky said...

About the "Thank You" notes.... have you tried, "Notes de remerciement"? LOL!! Just kidding!
So glad you posted this.
I miss you dearly my friend.

frisky said...

If someone were to send this so said package, would it be best to send it to your home address? ; )