Sunday, August 26, 2007

All Grown up

We attended the wedding of our Youth Pastor last night. She is not 'into' weddings and formal parties, but she looked glorious as she wed her best friend. We took all three of our children to the wedding. It is their second wedding this year. They did very well during the ceremony, only a little fidgety. But they blossomed at the reception. They took over the dance floor long before it was opened up for general dancing. Joe and Harley also flashed the bridal party during their toasts. Whats a party without a little comic relief? Harley was just walking up with her dress held high. Joe, who had a broken zipper on his pants with no button, decided to walk up front to where Drew was and lift up his shirt to show Drew that his pants were no longer fastened in any way. It looked from a distance that he just wanted to show something off. That one was embarrassing.

However, when Joe asked his little sixth grade Sunday school teacher to dance, I was so proud of him. Drew got out there and bounced around with the little kids, always looking out for his sister. And she was adorable. Watching so intently and then copying the new moves she discovered. Like bowing to her partner. Or a new dance she made up by crossing her arms, which was soon copied by others. She was so into the dancing and having fun. We had to drag all the kids out of there at 9:30 at night. I could just picture her in 13 years... Wow! I love that girl and I so want to protect her so much from the drama of high school. Knowing how impossible that is and even how valuable some of the drama can be in the long run, makes me slow down and remember that I have entrusted her to God. This is a whole other topic, so I'll leave today with how proud I am of my fun, cute and social kids.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I got back from Colorado on Monday night at midnight. When I was driving to the airport in Denver, I saw lightning like this all the way. It was beautiful and awe inspiring. I love storms, and we just don't get storms like that in California. However, there was that part of me that was slightly apprehensive to take off in weather like that. It was a bumpy ride. Luckily I had a nice gentleman next to me that talked most of the way and took my mind off of it. But as I watched that lightning, all I could think of was how awesome is our God.

PS Colorado was great by the way. I have a presentation ready to show people about our ministry. And I also learned that people only read the PS, so go back and read the whole article!!!

A Slave to Righteousness

Well this is a light topic! :) I am convicted as I read in Romans 6:15-23. Why is it so easy to fall into temptation and sin? Well he tells us that we are weak in our natural selves. We are free from the grip of of sin, but we have to offer our bodies to be slaves to righteousness. As opposed to being slaves to sin. But why does the sinful choice feel so appealing? As the passages promised, sin can only lead to shame and death. So... holiness and eternal life sound like much better options. I pray that God continues to give me wisdom and self control as I seek to become a slave to righteousness. The word slave is defined, a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. Honestly being a slave does not appeal to me, but I think it is the only option against falling into sin. Any advice from fellow travelers that have had success in resisting temptation and sin?

Thursday, August 9, 2007


I don't know how else to describe my life right now. We got back from a ten day trip to Southern California where we visited with new people every day. It was a wonderful trip. We also spoke with our home Church in Ojai. Ojai Valley Community Church. It was good to be with people. We emptied our storage unit and had a garage sale. We brought half of our belongings back up here to San Jose. While we were gone Jeff's parents started switching houses with us. It will be so good to have more room, but in the mean while, it is just a big mess! That mess plus all the things we brought back with us to sort. Then I realized I only had two days to finish the homework for my next training in Colorado. Now I leave again tomorrow morning. Life has just been crazy. But in the midst of it, God has been so faithful. I feel secure in what He has called us to do in Mali. I was excited about sharing our vision with so many people on our trip. And I am blessed with a beautiful home to live in while we prepare to go. Life really couldn't be better. So... I'll let you know how Colorado is. Bon Voyage...