Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trois filles ont accepté Jesus Christ dans leur vie aujourd'hui.

Today at kids club I had the joy and privilege of being used by God to pray with three third grade girls to ask Christ to come into their lives. It is just a mystery to me how we come into a relationship with Christ and how our lives grow in Him. But I am excited about being sisters in Christ with these girls and now having the opportunity to help disciple them throughout the rest of the year. Please pray for me to have wisdom on these Tuesdays when I meet with them and do my best to share what I know with them. I feel so feeble and incapable sometimes in my ability to share Christ, but I know He does the real work and we just have to be wiling...

Joe was with me at kids club today and then went home with his Lulu. At bedtime I guess he asked about praying to have Jesus come into his heart. He had been listening at Kids Club also and knew something big was going on. (He was very attentive to the lesson, which was hard to do with 150 or so kids that were not all being so quiet!) So pray for us also as we talk to him about his understanding of Christ and what He did for him. This is what it is all about... Praise God for opportunities like these!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Dentist

I took Harley and Joe to the Dentist this week... finally, I was feeling a like a bad mommy for neglecting their teeth. They were both good sports and did not cry a bit. They had no cavities so I am pleased with that. Here are a few photos... Oh and pray for me tomorrow... it is Drew's turn and I already know he has one cavity. Last time he went they didn't do anything about it because they thought his teeth would start to fall out soon. But that was almost two years ago and he has lost NO teeth yet!