Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just where is my stomach???

OK... you get to that point in your pregnancy when you wonder, what is going on in there? Where are my intestines exactly, because things just don't feel right. And why in the world do I pee every time I cough? (Which has been way too often lately!) It is just crazy what our bodies go through, so I found this image to share with you all. This is where it all goes!!!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tag... I'm it!!!

This almost makes me miss middle school and all the fun and games of tag after Church. OK... so the things I love and hate, here goes...

Rain... really I do, even after a week strait and it feels like our house is going to blow away. There is something about it that is so refreshing and magical.

Watching Harley get from place to place. She never just walks, but she picks up her feet and does the cutest little run/jog thing.

Listening to Drew come up with a new invention. He is so imaginative.

Watching Joe's quick little mind come up with responses to peoples questions. He just things differently than anyone I know.

Clean fresh sheets.

The smell of a newborn baby. (Well maybe a week old.)

Fresh flowers in a clean house!

Getting packages.

The comfort of love and family.

My husband who I miss dearly as I write this...


Stepping on legos or match box cars in the dark!


Mean people

People that hurt my kids.

You were right Christine, the Hate list was pretty hard. I guess that is good.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Under the Weather

What does that phrase really mean? Are we ever Over the Weather? I guess we are when we are sick of it. And right now I am sick of being sick. I came down with a cold/cough at the beginning of the week. I do not get sick real often. But then one has really zapped me. I don't even have the energy to finish anything I start, I can't breath when I lay down, and my throat feels like it is on fire when I cough. (I actually dreamed last night that I choked on my own Flem and died.) So on top of that Jeff is gone for ten days. Nothing like being 33 weeks pregnant, sick and without your husband to make you fully appreciate him! (Although I really appreciate his parents right now who are pulling me through this, despite the fact at his grandma is in the hospital again!!!)

I am hopeful that I will be well enough to go to MOPS tomorrow. I could really use the encouragement of fellow moms. So, just in case you were wondering why I never write on this blog anymore, I will try and get Over the Weather and get back to it!!!

Here is a link to our missions video we finished recently.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby Frazee

I am proud to announce that my nephew was born today to Jim and Becca Frazee. His name is Caleb Benjamin Frazee and he was 8 pounds. What a birthday... New Years Eve. We are so thrilled for them. I will try and upload the photo I got on my camera.