Friday, April 2, 2010

Field Trip!!!

So this week we experienced some misunderstandings with the Maternelle, Joe and Harley's school. We had signed permission slips for Harley and Joe to go on a field trip to the farm on Tuesday. So we prepared them for being at school all day. The school was going to provide a hot lunch at the farm so we would not be picking them up as usual. We went about our day and picked up Drew from school and had a quiet lunch with our oldest and youngest sons. Then after school as we were headed to pick up all kids, one parent stopped us on the street and asked if the school had reached us by phone? Apparently Harley did NOT have a field trip today, and was waiting to be picked up. After being unable to reach us the school had sent her to the 'cantine' for lunch with her classmates that stay over the lunch hour. We picked her up and when she got home I was all prepared to coddle her and give her treats and apologize for being such a terrible mom to leave her little girl in a school for two hours where she couldn't talk to anyone and had to eat strange food. When I asked her about it, she said she would prefer to only go to school once every day. (Since she didn't come home for lunch, she didn't HAVE to go back to school a second time!) Go figure...

So Thursday morning we woke her up and she asked if she could only go to school once that day. Sorry we said... today is a normal day. When Jeff went to pick up the kids for lunch he discovered that TODAY was Harley's field trip to the farm, and she would be having lunch there with her class... So she did get to go to school only once that day!

Well Harley has had some French experiences this week which she loved... and we have had an experience with misunderstanding the information we get from the school! Praise God for taking care of us and our children, when we don't know what is going on!!!