Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Getting Settled

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life is grey… the sun peaks out from time to time, but we mostly see grey skies. I feel like I am in the country of amazing food, and I don’t know how to make or acquire any of it. I did find a good bakery this morning and brought home a baguette that made great lunch sandwiches. Even regular staples don’t taste the same. The eggs have a unique smell and taste. There are three isles of yogurt at the grocery store. I don’t know where to begin! Peanut butter is rare. It costs about $8 for a small jar. Luckily I have gone shopping with American friends who have been a huge help in figuring it all out.

Our home needs some sprucing up. I should have asked for IKEA gift certificates for Christmas. I think we will get some curtains and we need something on the walls. Maybe a few throw rugs to help things feel homier. Some candles would be nice too. We also need a few plastic cups and maybe some that hold more than 4 oz of liquid. My new friends Hilary and Michelle stopped by and said they would take me to IKEA on Saturday!

We have learned a few good tips. The French don’t do garage sales, but once a month everyone throws out their goods and you can go dumpster diving for used but good stuff. (We might look for a new couch and dinning chairs.) Mimolete cheese tastes the most like cheddar. You need one euro to ‘use’ a shopping cart.

So we are getting acclimated. I think we will all feel better when we start sleeping through the night. Jet lag is hanging on for dear life. I am not used to the kids being awake in the middle of the night. It is almost 6AM in California and already 3PM here. Or should I say 15:00.

We still have five days till school starts… hopefully we will be ready!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

From Massy France

Well this is my first morning waking up in France. It is a good day. I was going to blog yesterday and it wouldn't have had such an encouraging note to the blog. Though our trip was uneventful and everything went well. The affects of sleep deprivation on top of culture shock upon arrival did not bring out the best in us. The kids were wired and we were sleepy, not a good combo. We were homesick for the familiar and the predictable. We were homesick for our beds and the ability to send the kids outside. We were homesick for family and friends to lean on for support and help. We were homesick for the predictability of knowing how to get a good meal for the kids. But today is a new day. Although sleep was sporadic and choppy, there was enough of it and we are feeling much better. I woke up to a breakfast of pain au chocolate and hot chocolate. What could be better? We will be moving from the hotel to our apartment today and hope to start making it feel like home. I will try to blog more while we are here and upload some photos.