Friday, June 22, 2007

Falling Down

Taking my sin my cross my shame, rising again I bless your name, You are my All in All. When I fall down you pick me up: When I am dry you fill my cup, you are my All in All. Jesus, Lamb of God, Worthy is your Name.

Jeff is playing that song on his guitar right now and the words feel so real to me. Going through the week and a half in Littleton Colorado gave me insights into myself and the way I live my life. Some of them were great, others were lacking. I learned that I could make mistakes that I did not like very much. I am so thankful for God's forgiveness and His desire to pick me up. He is so Good! I want Him to be all in my life! How do you stay in that place always and not fall? I am guessing it is a continual battle every day for the rest of the days He gives me on earth.


ATSmith said...

I am guessing the same.

Christine H. said...

It's interesting that when you read a song, as opposed to singing it (especially if you don't have the tune in your head), the words seem so much more real and raw. I realize that I just go through the motions of singing that fun song, but to actually ponder what the words mean, is another thing, and challenging! Thanks!

It was awesome to talk to you on the phone today! I miss you!