Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sense of Humor

Doesn't God have a sense of humor? Our family went to the San Francisco Zoo last week and these creatures fascinate me, as do many of God's creations. My kids are also a frequent reminder of God's sense of humor. I love to see Him through them. How awesome that we are created in His image, so we can learn about Him through people. So this is my blog. Come with me as I go on life's adventures with my family. I hope it helps keep you in touch with us.


Christine H. said...

Yeee Ha! I've inspired yet another person. Amber Smith inspired me, so it just keeps going! I LOVE your blog. I was tempted to go with the pink theme, too. I LOVE you picture. Did Jeff do that? And I LOVE the flamingo and your first blog story. I am putting you on my blog links so I can check out your blog every day! I am so excited!

hestermom said...

Yeah, I am so excited to keep up with you as well!