Saturday, June 9, 2007

First Grade, Here I Come!!!

Today was Drew's last day of Kindergarten. The rest of his class has three more days, but because we are flying to Colorado tomorrow morning, he is missing the last week. So we wanted to make this day special for him. He will miss the party and hoopla of the real last week of school. So in the midst of packing and chaos, I picked Drew up from school, took him to taco bell and then to Raging Waters with his friend Nikos. Then after our traditional Friday night pizza I gave him this giant cookie to celebrate. He was pleased with the attention and glad to be done with school. It honestly just seems like yesterday that we took a very excited Drew down to Valle Vista for his first day of Kindergarten. He is so precious and growing up so fast. Even though I am with him every day, I still feel like I am going to miss something. It's like I miss him already.

Well on a happier note. Joe was excited about the cookie too. He wanted his name on it so we signed it... love Joe.


ATSmith said...

I was wondering what that said at the bottom -- super cute : )

Christine H. said...

Okay, YOU get the extra mom points for that! You are so good at cake/cookie decorating!

I cried! I miss him so much! Okay, I am crying again!

Tell Drew that Auntie Christine loves him and misses him.

eccobellea said...

You're an amazing woman. You move through life with such grace. You make it look effortless. I see God's hand on the shoulder of each one of you. You are truely blessed!


Kari Rodems said...

You are such a wonderful mom! What a great memory to wrap up kindergarten with. I'm Praying for your trip and family - grace peace and hope -