Monday, June 25, 2007


I can't even believe all God has been teaching me since I got back from Colorado. He is so good. I read today in My Utmost for His Highest. It was about reconciling ourselves to the fact of sin. If you have one of these books, go read on June 24th. It is such a great concept. If we are not reconciled to the fact of sin, the danger is we will be blindsided by it and fall into it. God does not want us to be innocent, but pure and virtuous. The difference is having knowledge of what you are capable of, but not doing it or dwelling on it. Being innocent is never thinking of it at all, and that is far more dangerous. I was closer to the innocent side of things, when I was blindsided by my own human nature. But now I am so glad it happened, because as I ask God to refine me like in this song, now I will really know what I am asking of Him.

Purify my heart Lord,
Let me be as gold and precious silver.
Purify my heart Lord,
Let me be as gold, pure gold.

Refiner's fire
My heart's one desire is to be holy
Set apart for You, Lord.
I choose to be holy,
Set apart for You my master,
Ready to do Your will.

Purify my heart Lord,
Cleanse me from my sin and make me holy.
Purify my heart Lord,
Cleanse me from my sin, deep within."

I am so thankful for times like this when I can't get enough of God's word or praising Him. I wake up early and want to get out and see Him in nature and spend time with Him. (It has been awhile since I have felt like this... like since before kids...:) So I am thoroughly enjoying it before exhaustion hits and I return to my previous state of a sleep-deprived mom of three.


IslandHopperGirl said...

Hey! you seem like a really cool family. I just wanted to let you know it is awsome to see someone talking so openly about God, because he is awsome too. Keep up the faith!

Christine H. said...

Thanks! I just came across that book when I was sorting through books to get rid of some. I saved that one, and I'm going to go read that page now.

frisky said...

Awesome, that was beautifully perfect. I may just print that and put it in my journal.

ATSmith said...

What a fun rollercoaster ride you are on : )