Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Simple Pleasure

This morning some Southern Baptist Missionaries stopped by our house as they were leaving town. They come to Kadiolo to do some work for a few days about 4-6 times a year. They have a guest house in town and we help out by giving out salaries to the guard and housekeeper each month. When they stopped by they brought a box of leftover food for us that they did not want to take back to Bamako. It was such a treat! We got chocolate chip cookie mix, blueberry muffin mix, juice boxes, ranch dressing, a taco dinner kit complete with crunchy tacos, and much more. What I was most excited about was the Cheerios. It is hard to come by snacks to give the kids... especially for Jethro who can't manage some things by himself, or they are super messy like a mango. I was so excited to throw some Cheerios on his tray and let him have the joy of picking them up all on his own. He was pretty excited too! It seemed crazy to me how something so simple could bring so much pleasure!


Andrea said...

Oh I love him! He reminds me of Harley in this pic! Cherrios are so good and my boys have been gobbling them up. I will always remember this story of Jethro and the cherrios. May we all be so blessed to truly appreciate simple pleasures!

Debbra Pickard said...

General Mills needs to see this picture and post----maybe they would send you a care package!