Sunday, January 2, 2011

Diaper blow outs

Jethro modeling his cloth diapers!

Jeff changing a Zach diaper over a year ago.

Our daily diaper wash...

The diaper crisis has begun... We arrived in Mali with a weeks worth of disposable diapers and 14 cloth diapers that I used when Zach was a baby. Once we got settled in Kadiolo I started using the cloth diapers. We are working on potty training Zach, but we put a cloth diaper on him for naps and bedtime. About half the diapers have stretched out elastic in the legs. Between that and Zach and Jethro having diarrhea... I realize diapering is going to be a big challenge in Mali! We also finished our last package of wipes that came with us from France. You can find diapers and wipes in large cities in Mali, but they are expensive! So we are using washcloths for wipes and washing them along with our diapers! If I didn't feel like a pioneer woman before now, this will do it. Although those pioneer women didn't have nice cloth diapers like we do... Thank goodness for Fuzzibunz and bumgenius! I did order some replacement diapers and applied for a diaper grant so I hope those come soon!


Brain said...
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Katie said...

my very modern sister who lives in San Francisco also uses cloth diapers and washcloth wipes. I think it is the best idea ever, whether you live in the expensive city or the rural mission field. :-)

Miss you guys and your cute kids!