Friday, January 28, 2011

A Walking Scrapbook

I learned something new. There is a lot of cloth available in the market. Usually I search for something with colors I like, patterns that are not too offensive or bizarre, and something I can envision in an outfit. I end up with a lot of purple, pink, blue and green. As I started asking people about their outfits they wore, they would say, 'Oh yes, this is the tissue form someone's baptism, or this is the tissue from someones goodbye party, or this is the tissue from Christmas last year.' I began to realize, this is a form of scrap booking. As the women wear their outfits, they remember people, times, experiences and memories.

So one day I was visiting with one of my friends, Kadjatu. She is 13 and loves to come visit whenever she can. She has a new cousin and took me to visit her. I was also invited to the 'Baptem' party for her cousin. She told me there was cloth and she wanted me to buy some and come dressed for the party. I decided to do it... and when the cloth arrived she brought it to me. I realized this was going to be my first REAL Malien outfit. IT is in orange and yellow, two colors I wouldn't have chosen. And there are some random designs all over it, like chalkboards and fingers... So here are some photos of the process... I knew I wanted to scrapbook while I was here, but so far this is the closest I have come.

What will I do with this fabric?

Yes... those are fingers in my fabric!

So I took it to my tailor... notice how they finish the zipper?

He made a beautiful outfit!

Everyone really likes it here... they say I am Malien now!


Shari said...

It IS beautiful!!!

Susanne said...

I love it Heidi! I still have fabrics from my burkina days! They are full of memories- and several were gifts and bit what I would have chosen, but I am sad to say, none have FINGERS!!!!!!! :).

Papa said...

Wow, you do look Malien! Very nice outfit Heidi.

hestermom said...

Wow-zers! There is something to this, Heidi!! Not only are the colors really beautiful on you, but the fit is amazing. =)

MaryLou said...

Can't wait 'til I can get some stuff made...and fit! to me!!!
And you know I love the fabrics!!! I may have to buy lots and bring 'em back and sell on craig's list! Obviously I'd make money!
You are gorgeous...fingers and all! How was the party!?

Debbra Pickard said...

Heidi, the outfit is wonderful! the colors are good for you too. Guess your little friend knows fashion! I love the fabrics---would need a crate to bring back fabrics if I visited you! Hope you had a good time at the party.

Christine H. said...

Wow! That is look lovely!