Sunday, December 27, 2009

From Massy France

Well this is my first morning waking up in France. It is a good day. I was going to blog yesterday and it wouldn't have had such an encouraging note to the blog. Though our trip was uneventful and everything went well. The affects of sleep deprivation on top of culture shock upon arrival did not bring out the best in us. The kids were wired and we were sleepy, not a good combo. We were homesick for the familiar and the predictable. We were homesick for our beds and the ability to send the kids outside. We were homesick for family and friends to lean on for support and help. We were homesick for the predictability of knowing how to get a good meal for the kids. But today is a new day. Although sleep was sporadic and choppy, there was enough of it and we are feeling much better. I woke up to a breakfast of pain au chocolate and hot chocolate. What could be better? We will be moving from the hotel to our apartment today and hope to start making it feel like home. I will try to blog more while we are here and upload some photos.


Katrina said...

I have many fun memories of Massy, as well as a few mixed emotions. That was a tough year but we learned much and I am so thankful for the experiences! I am praying for all of you through this year. There will be times when it seems the adjustments will never end but you will survive. And you will even find that you will have many fun memories, as a family and as individuals, of your experiences. We still tell stories of that year at Les Cedres!

Nick K. Aghazarian said...

You're doing a wonderful job. We miss you all.