Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aim Lower, Think Smaller, Give Up, and Go Have a Cup of Coffee!

Here is an interesting video that my mom shared with me this week. Watch it and let me know what you think. Pray with us about wisdom in challenging out kids to share Christ with the world! And for our faithfulness and doing it also!


frisky said...

Good video. (Although, at first, from your title, I thought it was about potty training. I just could'nt figure out the "think smaller" part for that. hee-hee!)
I liked the peoples' faces in the crowd at one point where they just stopped and stared. Too funny! It made really good points though.

Rebecca said...

We've gone back and forth on this. For the entire first year we were planting here, all of our ministry was to kids and teens. It was so good, and so necessary, and so blessed, but at the same time, it wasn't church planting, which was what we were brought here to do. And it was wearing us down to nothing, because we had no church base to work from. And then that first summer, poof, they all vanished, and it's been mostly adults ever since. It confuses me. In Uganda, churches sprout up from children's ministry left and right, because when the kids meet Christ, their parents often follow. So maybe what we were doing at first really was church planting. I don't know. But lately we've been feeling a pull to refocus on the kids and teens again. Somebody has to. It's so much like Uganda here.