Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sprinkler???

MaryLou heard what sounded like a sprinkler left on as she headed upstairs, so she began looking in the bushes. After seeing no water, an Erie feeling crept over her and she called for Jeff to come quickly. After confirming that it was in fact a Rattle Snake, they called Harley and began the hunt to get it out of the bushes and kill it. (Sorry animal lovers...) The kids all watched from a high perch on the porch, and MaryLou actually swung the fatal blow.

I swung a few more blows just to make sure. I have children nearby after all. Many thanks to our cat who sniffed it out and got it's rattler going. And to the vultures who made off with it! I hope that's the last one around here, but I doubt it!


Christine H. said...

Yeah, no condemnation from me...rattlesnakes are one of the few snakes I HATE!!!! I can't believe you chopped it, too. I would have been too afraid, even if it was dead. I have the creeps!

So, I guess you're just in pre-training for Africa. Ha ha!! Remember my Aunt Helen's African snake story? I still laugh every time I think about that.

Did you save the rattle? We have a rattle from a rattlesnake that was ran over on our honeymoon. Yes, it was cut off and we saved it. I just came across it yesterday in my office, if you can believe it!

Christine H. said...

Oh, great pics! Did he die with his rattler still up in the air?

heidibelle said...

Yes we did save the rattle. In fact Drew brought it into the house to show me right in front of Granny and she hates snakes! We were just discussing last night that some guys would really dig cool baby rattles made out of snake rattles. :)

frisky said...

I remember when I was little my mom killed a king snake up on the 2nd floor of our barn. My dad got so mad 'cause king snakes kill rattle snakes. I probably would have done the same thing if my kids were up there, too. I remember snakes would get in our house all the time... not any rattlers though... ughhh!!!