Thursday, May 8, 2008

Highlights of Womens Retreat 2008

* Staying in the most beautiful Hotel with the most beautiful view!!!

* Playing Spoons till all hours of the night with friends!
* Shopping in Pismo with those friends, and getting a special gift for a special friend!

* Being with Friends from Ojai that I only see once or twice a year!!!

* Sharing my newest Joy... Zachariah with my dear friends.

* And coming to know more than ever that God has us in this place in life for a reason. It was a wonderful weekend!!!

**** And Oh YES.... The Chocolate was amazing!!!


frisky said...

Umm, girl, how could you forget?.....CHOCOLATE!!!! Mmmmmmm.
It was so great having you there, it's just like you've never left Ojai. I truly cherish our friendship.

heidibelle said...

You were right Gina... How could I forget the Chocolate! I went back and added it. :) Hey... what is your real first name??? I forgot?

Christine H. said...

What chocolate????? Did you dip into the chocolate I bought for you in Goleta???? Or was it just the mountains of different candy bars in your room??? I have to know what I missed out on!

Oh, it was a wonderful time!

Christine H. said...

: )

Why does it sometimes not let you check that "email follow-up comments" box the first time I comment? That's why I sometimes comment twice. And you all thought I just had a lot to say! : )

ATSmith said...

okay -- that picture should be banned!