Sunday, September 2, 2007

Safari Time

Drew turned Six on Thursday and today was his party. It was just right. We read the Beranstein Book called Too Much Birthday this week. It is the one where sister gets overwhelmed at her HUGE party and starts to cry. That happened to Drew when he turned four. And since then I have tired to give him a really fun, but small party. He LOVES to party, but he is an introvert and it really wears him out. He accidentally hurt one of his friends at the party today, getting carried away with a rope swing. And tonight when I was praying with him and tucking him in, he said, 'Mom, I have been hurting people a lot lately and I don't want to do that anymore.' He felt so bad that his friend had left his party sad, nine hours earlier. He has such a soft spirit. This was an accident, but we talked about when he gets angry and hurts people too. So we prayed that God would help him learn how to be more careful, and to know what to do when he is angry.

At the party Jeff took the kids on a Safari to look for plastic animals he had hidden. IT was really cute and fun. And I managed to make the Martha Stewart Lion cake. Joe gave the party a big compliment tonight when he said, for his party he wanted, 'the same pinata, and cake and everything just like Drew's party.' I need to do a whole blog on things Joe says. There have been some really good ones lately.


ATSmith said...

Awesome cake!

hestermom said...

Yes, an excellent Lion cake!!!

Christine H. said...

Okay, You are MArtha Stewart's long lost cousin or something! The cakes you do could win awards!

I don't remember Drew's 4th birthday being so big. You'll have to refresh my memory.

The safari hunt looked so fun!

Amber has been missing Drew and Joe a lot lately. She'll get this sad look in her eyes every once in a while and I'll ask what's wrong. She says, "My heat hurts because my friends Drew and Joe live far, far away." (And you still live in the same State right now! Yikes!) I have been prepariong her for when you move "really far, far away," but I promised her we would try to visit you in Africa so she could see her friends and see how other people live.

heidibelle said...

Christine, Drew's fourth party was Bod the Builder. We had a good number of friends, most of the Ojai friends at our apartment. And before time for presents Drew started to cry and said he didn't want to open them. It was just a bit much for my little introvert. He does better with 4-6 guests.

Christine H. said...

Was that the time we did pin the tail on the donkey--or whatever?

I don't remember him crying, and we've been to all his Ojai parties. The mind is the first thing to go, they say.