Friday, September 7, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things... well mostly Joe this time!

Our kids really crack us up. It is a shame we don't write down the things they say, because then we tend to forget. So I am going to attempt to record a few of them here.

One morning Joe walks into the kitchen and says to Jeff's dad, "How 'bout you make me some pancakes 'Big guy'!"

We had some friends over on my birthday. Peter and Autumn. Joe thought her name was 'bottom' instead of Autumn. The kids were playing on the trampoline. Jeff did an 'atom bomb'. Joe said he could do an 'autumn bottom' too!

(Jeff did something hilarious on the trampoline that I only wish I could have gotten on video for you... The trampoline is set up on our lawn between a wall that leads up to our old house, and on the other side a drop off at the edge of the lawn. OK, so he runs and jumps from up where the house is to the trampoline. He makes his landing, but can't stick it. He is pitched right over the other edge off into the hillside and weeds. :)

Jeff's dad asked Joe if he was going to help when the new baby came. Joe said 'No' very emphatically. We ask why not and he says, "I'm not a Doctor!"

Joe thinks he is VERY smart, and he is. But we have to remind him that mommy and daddy are still smarter than he is, AND we are still in charge. Wow that boy likes to be in charge.


Christine H. said...

Eric and I laughed so hard! Thanks!

frisky said...

He is so hilarious! It must be a 2nd kid thing, 'cause Zane's the same way. Thank you so much for sharing those stories, keep 'em comin'!

Anonymous said...

Hello Heidi, I think you might remember me from Mali. I'm Randy Creswell's wife Cathy. Joe really looks like Nathan at that age. I remember Nathan trying to catch a peek at me in the bathroom by looking thru the keyhole! He would get really upset when your Mom left home to go to the office. Now you are both grown adults! Seems like yesterday.