Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Slave to Righteousness

Well this is a light topic! :) I am convicted as I read in Romans 6:15-23. Why is it so easy to fall into temptation and sin? Well he tells us that we are weak in our natural selves. We are free from the grip of of sin, but we have to offer our bodies to be slaves to righteousness. As opposed to being slaves to sin. But why does the sinful choice feel so appealing? As the passages promised, sin can only lead to shame and death. So... holiness and eternal life sound like much better options. I pray that God continues to give me wisdom and self control as I seek to become a slave to righteousness. The word slave is defined, a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. Honestly being a slave does not appeal to me, but I think it is the only option against falling into sin. Any advice from fellow travelers that have had success in resisting temptation and sin?


Christine H. said...

"Be in the world but not of it" has helped me so much...what I watch, where I go, who I primarily hang around, etc.

It's interesting to note that a bondservant is different than a servant. A bond servant is linked to his master BY CHOICE as opposed to a slave who is forced into slavery. I studied Bonsdervant-hood one summer and it was fascinating.

hestermom said...

Well, I do not have any great success of which to boast, but I have a prayer that was once belonging to the "wisest" man on earth at the time (King Solomon).
"Give me an (understanding, discerning, OBEDIENT) heart, so that I can govern your people (or the children and family and circle of influence you have given me) well, and know the difference (or distinguish) between right and wrong."
1 Kings 3:9
I have come to love this prayer, not so much just because of his prayer, but because it pleased God so much...and that is my desire as well, to please him, by having an obedient heart that governs well what He entrusts to me, and can distinguish between right and wrong.
So glad that Colorado was a refreshing, good time for you.