Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I got back from Colorado on Monday night at midnight. When I was driving to the airport in Denver, I saw lightning like this all the way. It was beautiful and awe inspiring. I love storms, and we just don't get storms like that in California. However, there was that part of me that was slightly apprehensive to take off in weather like that. It was a bumpy ride. Luckily I had a nice gentleman next to me that talked most of the way and took my mind off of it. But as I watched that lightning, all I could think of was how awesome is our God.

PS Colorado was great by the way. I have a presentation ready to show people about our ministry. And I also learned that people only read the PS, so go back and read the whole article!!!


frisky said...

I remember being in an awesome storm in Oregon a few years back. (And I mean "awesome" like "full of awe", not like the 80's "awesome.") It was so beautiful and it makes you realize how powerful God is. The sight of the lightning and everything was shaking from the booming thunder. It was totally rad (okay, that was 80's!)

Christine H. said...

All my growing up, we got incredibly beautiful lightning and thunder storms in Phoenix. I remember as a kid looking out the window of our home at each lightning strike. It became very familiar to me, and I did not realize how rare it is...that a lot of people never see that much lightning. Now I wish I hadn't taken all of that lightning for granted, and I wish I could see a storm like that again. They really are awesome (not the 80s term).

Christine H. said...

P.S. Glad you're back. Wish you were back here!!!! Miss you lots!!!!