Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A lot has been happening in our lives. But I have not taken many photos lately. Hopefully I can pick it up again.
I bought an injured bird from some neighborhood kids in hope of nursing it back to health. It lived for 3 days. We were not quite ready to take on a new pet, but I just couldn't let the kids keep dragging it around town till it died, so I wanted to save it.

Jethro turned one! He is a happy, adventurous boy. He loves to be outside. Here he is on our well, one of the places he like to play.

I really do love having a baby around... I'm glad there is another one on the way.

Zach is still into everything, even as a three year old. He loves to help anyone with a project and he loves to go anywhere anyone might be going. He really is a big help... you just have to keep him busy so he doesn't get himself into trouble...


hestermom said...

WHAT??? Did I read that right? Are you teasing me? Oh, I hope not!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! My heart is overflowing. I love you guys. And my Ezra sounds a lot like your Zach. Of course, what did we expect naming them Ezra and Zechariah? Hehe. Hope you are feeling well, my dear mama friend.

FlowerMomma said...

Congrats! :)

Still thinking of you and praying for your family. Have you been working with the midwives still. Let me know if there are other resources I can share.