Monday, March 29, 2010

Consignment Sale in France

It has been hard to find used things and baby items in France... up until this past week. We found a consignment sale last Saturday and really scored. Five of us ladies piled into one car and shopped till our hearts content. We found, play mats, bouncy seats, car seats, mattresses and many clothes!!! I only wish we knew the sex of our baby because the French have some really cute girl clothes!!! :) Two and a half weeks to go and we should know! Keep praying for a safe delivery for us and the perfect timing. I wouldn't mind early, but I am due the last day of class and it would also be nice to finish up this session. Although I must admit it is getting harder and harder to concentrate on my studies... :)

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MaryLou said...

Oh what fun! Tell the ladies I send my love and greeting to them and their families. Tell Mandy I keep thinking of names for her baby!!! I am counting days right along with you...and praying for strength... mental, emotional and physical. You are an awesome woman Heidibelle...I love you tremendously.