Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Dentist

I took Harley and Joe to the Dentist this week... finally, I was feeling a like a bad mommy for neglecting their teeth. They were both good sports and did not cry a bit. They had no cavities so I am pleased with that. Here are a few photos... Oh and pray for me tomorrow... it is Drew's turn and I already know he has one cavity. Last time he went they didn't do anything about it because they thought his teeth would start to fall out soon. But that was almost two years ago and he has lost NO teeth yet!

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Christine H. said...

Oh boy, I've never taken my kids to the dentist and Eric & I are way's inevitable but I know what you mean. I hate the thought of all of us going in, not because of the dentist, I actually like dentists. It's the money. I hope Drew's appointment goes well. I will pray!