Saturday, June 7, 2008

Here we Are...

We have been in Palmer Lake Colorado for 2 weeks now. We are participating in Cultural Adaptation training. It has been really good for the whole family. We are doing our best to keep the kids on normal scheduals.

Drew and Joe have been in classes that correspond to what we are learning. From talking about things we are looking forward to when moving to Mali, and things we are not excited about. We have talked about conflict styles... I am a turtle and Jeff is a shark. (Not a surprise if you know us well.) And we have talked about the stages of transition between two cultures. From being settled in your home culture, to unsettled, to chaos, to unsettled in your new culture, to settled in your new culture. It was interesting to see where the kids saw themselves.

Joe, Drew, Hannah and their teacher, Uncle David. (David is an MK from France.)

There are many fun people here that we are getting to know. One family we knew from our appointment with WorldVenture last June. The Hermans. They have three teen agers who are great with our kids. It is amazing being around so many people who are like minded.

Katie and Harley are so stylish.

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Christine H. said...

I already emailed you about the pics but I think it's great that you are living in Community...How funny, turtle and shark. I don't even know the descriptions of each, but the names alone fit you both. It's so cool that the kids' needs/concerns are being met also. It shows that WorldVenture caters to the WHOLE family, not just dads and moms. How awesome!