Sunday, March 30, 2008

Zach my Boy

Despite my slightly sleepy and foggy head. I am quite clear on my deep and growing love for Zachariah. He is a good baby. And my head and heart are full of possibilities for him. It is fun to watch him grow and change already in his short two and half weeks. He eats non stop, but I see it as a labor of love that is providing him the very best he can have at this young stage of life. He is up usually twice a night still. So the days I get to go back to sleep after the six AM feeding, are happier days. :) (Some have questioned that six AM is still nighttime. Well when you are up for one to two hours at 2 AM, then it is still nighttime at 6.) We are so fortunate that he is fitting in so well with our family. (Yea for families of Six!!!)


Rebecca said...

What a CUTIE!!! And dude, your cat is monstrous huge. Wow.

Christine H. said...

I can't wait to see you both...1 1/2 weeks! Yay!

ATSmith said...

He looks so much like his brothers! Wow!! Yeah -- that cat is huge!!!