Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Baby Frazee

I am proud to announce that my nephew was born today to Jim and Becca Frazee. His name is Caleb Benjamin Frazee and he was 8 pounds. What a birthday... New Years Eve. We are so thrilled for them. I will try and upload the photo I got on my camera.


Christine H. said...

(But don't you mean that he was born New Year's Eve?)

hestermom said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful...And it is kind of trippy because I have a Caleb (Paul) and a Noah (Benjamin). =) It kind of freaked me out though, because at first glance I thought you had your baby! And I was like, Wait! It's not time yet! So, glad to hear everyone is well, and your nephew is beautiful. (Handsome?)

MaryLou said...

YES...he is gorgeous, adorable, precious, peaceful, charming (I'm sure) and so much more, but then I guess I'd be likely to think he is wonderful!
And I am his grandmother! Yeah!!!!

frisky said...

Babies, babies everywhere... I LOVE it!! He is SO adorable! Congrats to your family.