Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Our Travels

We are back in San Jose after our travels to New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. It was a great whirlwind trip to see family and friends. Our kids did really well on the airplane and in all the different sleeping situations. Once we got back here though they were very jet lagged and waking up at 5am. After four early mornings they are finally starting to sleep in.

Harley had an asthma attack while we were in Michigan and we ended up in the ER at 3am. She did recovered very well after receiving some breathing treatments but we are now aware that this is something we need to be prepared for at all times. It is quite scary to see your little girl unable to breath properly. Here she is giving Uncle Nathan a treatment.

All three of our kids really enjoyed their cousin Abby and all their Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents. It was so good to spend time with family.


Christine H. said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad you're back safe.

ATSmith said...

Super scary about the asthma attack. We use a nebulizer for Sage (now that we are aware of it). You feel so helpless when they can't breathe properly, huh? At least you know what to do now ...