Thursday, October 18, 2007

Too Long...

Well I have officially waited too long to blog. Now I can't get started. So this will be a catch up blog. I had a Dr. Check up today. I am 19 weeks Pregnant and the baby sounded great! So all is well in that department.

It is missions month at our home Church. Blossom Valley Bible Church. It has been great hearing the missionaries talk and seeing all 50 flags up in our sanctuary that represent all the Churches' missionaries. Included the flag of Mali. Our Church has been very supportive in helping send us to Mali.

We are preparing to leave in two weeks for a trip back east to visit family. It will be a great but way too fast of a trip.

Here are two random photos just cause I can't blog without one. Joe and Harley are burying Drew in the truck. And Joe and Harley tried to bury themselves in stuffed animals in this one.


Christine H. said...

I can't get over how grown up Harley looks! And Joe and Harley sure look a lot alike. I wonder who the next one will look like?

It was nice talking to you on the phone today...the last two times we've talked it's been fairly un-interrupted. How nice!

frisky said...

Oh man! Next week you'll be half way through the pregnancy!! It always seems to go by so much faster when it's not me... imagine that?!
Have a fun trip.
Love ya!